Terms of Use

This document is effective only integrally with End User License Agreement and Data Protection Policy.

The Website is offered for your attention for informational purpose only and provides opportunity for granting access to compositions created by the User and posted on Website to the unlimited scope of people and making corresponding commercial propositions.

Usage of the Website is possible only upon condition of full acceptance of all terms and provisions hereof integrally with End User License Agreement and Data Protection Policy. If you do not accept abovementioned terms and conditions, you are not entitled to use the Website and its Services.

  1. Website Use
    1. Website, all its Services and Software are developed and lawfully used by Company and are the intellectual property of Company or indicated lawful rightholder.
    2. The User accepts the Services and content of Website based on the “as it is” principle. Website content is exclusively of informational nature and cannot be other for any other purpose.
    3. All Messages and Materials uploaded to the Website by the Users represent only subjective opinion of their authors, which may not be shared by Company.

  2. Limitation of Liability
    1. By using the Website and the Service, the User does realize the there may be interruptions and technical failures in their operation, and accept that Company and Software developers do not bear financial liability for any consequences of Website and Service operation, for performance of any User’s technical means at their using and for compliance of Website and Service with User’s goals.
    2. Company supports the Website and Service function, but herewith it is not responsible for its uninterrupted operation, possible loss of Materials and any other inconveniences and losses in course of using the WebsiteАдминистрация.
    3. The Company is not liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations due to the failures in operation of telecommunication and power supply networks, effect of malicious software and unscrupulous actions of the third parties aimed to the unauthorized access and/or disablement of the Software and/or hardware complex of Company.
    4. The Website content is exclusively of informational nature. Company is not liable for inaccurate data. Company is not liable for possible losses that may result from using the information from the Website.

  3. User Registration
    1. The Company provides the number of opportunities and Services only to registered Users. Registration of Website visitor as the User is conducted in compliance with End User License Agreement.

  4. Data Protection Policy
    1. The Company is entitled to store, process and use Website User data in compliance with Data Protection Policy.
    2. By undergoing Registration on the Website, the User automatically agrees to provide its personal data to the Company and grants it a right to store and process User personal data in compliance with current civil legislation of Russian Federation, Law on Communication, Law on Personal Data and other.
    3. Company is responsible for non-disclosure of personal data in compliance with current legislation of Russian Federation.

  5. Communication on FLAT.AUDIO Website
    1. Communication of Users on the FLAT.AUDIO Website constitutes a part of the Website and is regulated hereby. Posting of materials is carried out is compliance with Rules provided below:
      1. Only registered Users who have accepted the present Rules are entitled to post Messages and Materials on the Website.
      2. The Messages posted represent only subjective opinion of their authors. Company is not liable for their content.
      3. After undergoing Registration procedure, the User is entitled to post on the Website Messages and Materials, whose content is fully compliant with legislation of Russian Federation, and also:
        • Is not of abusive, offensive, vulgar, harmful, violent, defamatory, deliberately false or pornographic nature;
        • Is not aimed and able to cause dignitary harm and damage reputation of other persons or entities (i. d. does not contain unreasonable judgments regarding third parties, unverified facts and mentioning of third parties that may negatively affect demand for their services);
        • Does not incite religious, racial, ethnical, international discord;
        • Does not contain violent elements;
        • Does not contain unauthorized borrowings, plagiarism, violation of name and brand rights, violation of other rights for intellectual activity results and individualization means of Company and third parties provided by law (copyrights, related right, patent rights know-how rights, trademark rights, etc.), and does not copy other materials placed on the website by persons other than the User;
        • Does not violate the right of minors;
        • Does not contain information covered by commercial, official, medical, bank or other secrecy and other information, access to which is restricted in compliance with legislation of Russian Federation;
        • Does not contain software viruses or other computer codes, programmes and files designed for interruption of operation of any technical means (computer, telecommunication equipment, etc.);
        • Does not contain advertisement if it is not agreed with Company;
        • Does not contain Spam and Flood;
      4. The User is not entitled to copy and borrow Messages and Materials from other Internet resources, mass media and other sources of information in bad faith (without authorization of rightholder).
      5. The Company is entitled to delete and edit materials not compliant with present Rules and Website Terms of Use, and to place limitation on the volume and quantity of Messages.
      6. The User’s attempts to post Messages and Materials not compliant with abovementioned requirements may lead to immediate deactivation of User Account (herewith Internet provider of User will be notified. IP addresses of all Messages and Materials are kept in order to control all such violations.
      7. The User bear full personal responsibility for content of Messages and Materials and their compliance with Russian and international law.

  6. Service Provision
    1. The Company is entitled to modify the Website in any way at its sole discretion without securing approval of User, including, but not limited to: to change the Website design, to change the terms of Service provision, to add new Services, to terminate provision of Services announce charging Users for using previously free Services, and to restrict access to Website in course of abovementioned works performance by Company. In course of Website and/or Service continued downtime (more than 24 hours), the Company shall provide all reasonable efforts to notify the User hereof, where possible.

  7. Copyright and Related Rights
    1. The Company holds the exclusive right to the Website, all its Services, Software, databases and its aggregated informational content (as compiled product).
    2. On the terms of End User License Agreement Company grants temporary limited rights of use of the Website, Services and Software for Users’ personal goal compliant with legislation of Russian Federation.
    3. If any Material or User violates copyright, related and other right, as well as lawful interest of any person, please, inform Company about such violation by e-mail: weare@flat.audio.

  8. Feedback
    1. The Company provides technical support to the Website Users on the “as it is basis” at the e-mail address: weare@flat.audio. Maintenance of this Service is a right of Company, not its obligation.
    2. Company accepts any offers, comments and complaints regarding the Website operation and related Services at the e-mail address: weare@flat.audio.
    3. Company policy in the area of dispute resolution is based on the “notification and taking measures” principle. This principle allows settlement of differences and mutual claims under pre-judicial procedure.


Published on March 5-th, 2019